Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gear Sale

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I am in the process of updating the photo gear sale blog with photos of the equipment, starting with the lenses which seems to be the gear of most interest. Over the next few weeks I'll post photos of all the gear for sale and I will update any individual piece with the latest information when it is sold.

Right now I have several pieces of interest to a few people. I'm am documenting the interests and will let folks know if there is more than one person interested so they can weigh any decision about their interest and the price of the piece. I've also decided for the interim to restrict sales to the United States so shipping is easier and cheaper.

I realize international shipping is just as easy, but it's not as cheap, which would necessitate adding the cost to the price, which some won't find acceptable, and it's not a cost I'm willing to absorb at this time. That may change but for it is the rule for now.

That's it. You can check the photo gear sale blog for more information and I'll update this one only occasionally.

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