Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo Gear Sale

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I'm selling the majority of my Minolta manual focus photography equipment. You can get more information about the equipment and sale, and you can also get the latest updates on the sale.

It's a collection I started in 1969 with my first Minolta camera and lenses and just grew until a few years ago when I switched to Canon's digital system. Minolta changed their lens mount with their autofocus cameras so all the equipment was useless if I switched to their AF cameras.

They kept the same lens mount in their move to digital camera with Konica and then Sony, but never produced a full frame sensor until recently, so I never got into their newer cameras. Canon offered 35mm film and full frame digital cameras with the whole range of lenses, flashes, etc.

I'm keeping some of the Minolta photo gear from the earliest cameras and lenses to later cameras and a few lenses and other gear I've acquired over the years. The rest is better in the hands of people will use it.

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