Monday, August 13, 2012

To Obama and Romney

To Obama and Romney,

Ok, add Biden and Ryan too. In the presidential campaign from here on out, it would be nice if all of you focused on the facts and the truth. Not just your interpretation of them for political purposes or gain, but as the fact are known in the whole picture of the truth and reality.

Yeah, wishful thinking of me. It's why I'm not listening to the campaign ads, political rhetoric or much of anything during the campaign. Romney has shown that depsite all his Mormon teaching he has never been honest or truthful with the American people about himself, his wealth, his religion and anything else to date.

And while I know the President is almost factually true most of the time, it's clear he is shading things too. It's expected. And I know Romney's Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, is an extremist who hates government, even though he's spent his career in government, and he hate the American people, especially anyone who isn't like or thinks like him.

And yes, Joe Biden is Joe Biden. almost always honest, even if he does fudge the facts and truth a bit, but he's always entertaining. But in the end, I won't listen much at all from now until November. I've pretty much decicded who to vote for, so anything said is just wind with noise sounding a lot like crows.

I'd much rather watch the Seattle Mariners in the losing season see if they can't succeed at not losing more games than each of the last two seasons. At least there I know they're honestly trying their hardest to win without hurting anyone else.

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