Saturday, July 6, 2013

NBC Sports

Update (7/6/13).-- I learned that they broadcast the live Formula-One race on another NBC channel, namely CNBC channel instead of the NBC Sports channel. CNBC is one of NBC's market and business news, infomercial, etc. channels. So they don't suck as much, but they surely don't advertise this fact very much. I only learned about it a 10 second promotion during the live qualifying show.

Original Post (6/30/13).--To put it simply, you suck. You are so enamored with the Tour de France bike race you totally ignored airing the live coverage of the British Formula One Grand Prix, and when the show for the Tour de France was scheduled to end and then transfer to the auto race, you didn't change.

On top of that on the NBC Sport report just before it was scheduled to be air (tape delay) you gave a bried summry and winner of the race. Like clue people in? Beside the fact fans can get the live stream (which I did) from Formula One to know the results but wanted to watch the pre-race show and the race.

But no, we get the stupid Tour de France you could air on the regular NBC channels instead of the NBC sports channel. Is this what we get for the Tour de France, ignoring live broadcasts of the Formula One races in Europe?

And we were told you would do a first class job of Formula One, better than Speed Channel. Well, you're not doing any better, and today, you really suck at it. Don't expect a cheery thank you for any explanations or apologies.

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