Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Five Ten Dome Shoes

I've written about my walking to recover from a pinched Sciatic nerve in early July 2012 which has left the front of my right leg numb from above the knee to the ankle and both legs with balance problems.

Well, the walking has its ups and downs, both the road itself which is now 8-9 miles round trip to town and back and the walking where I get sore muscles or shin splints some days.

All in all though I've worn a pair of 5-10 Dome shoes since January and now have over 600 miles on them to date, and they're due to be retired for their great service and saved for occasional days.

The shoes haven't worn out except the sole, especially with my moderate underpronation abnormally wearing the outside of the heals and toes faster. What's amazing is the shoes are still together, the insides not worn through the lining and the inner sole still intact.

So except for a thin outer sole now, and while they're looking less than stellar, they're still working good. They've seen six months of all sorts of weather and a variety of walking on shoulders, pavement, trails, etc. with no rips or tears or worn threads.

Thanks 5-10 for a great shoe, and yes, I'm buying a new pair soon, and maybe the mid-height model too for winter days. Walking or hiking, it pays to keep your feet happy and healthy.

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