Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Thought about Abortion

With all the efforts to ban abortions at the state level by the many republican domainated state legislatures and governor's office, and all the noise from Planned Parenthood of America (PPA) and other abortion rights group, I have a suggestion.

First, though, I'm against all the bans on abortions and believe Roe vs Wade was the right decision for women. And I favor a federal law guarranteeing women's rights to the information, facilities, providers, services and proceedures and prohibiting any state from denying, restricting or prohibiting such rights.

But here's a thought about what happened recently in Texas which is trying to ban all abortion clinics and more so abortions after 20 weeks. Why not remove abortion proceedures from all the women's clinics except the few which can comply with the law for the proceedure.

Why not volunteer to remove the proceedure and keep the clinics open for all the other services? Why not then focus abortion proceedures on the few clincs which can comply? And then why not just bide your time until such time as the rules can be changed or better repealed?

And then you can focus the challenge on the 20-week ban than the restrictions on clincs which provide the abortion proceedures. This will keep the clinics open for all those women who need them and you can then focus their rights and needs for an abortion to those few clinics.

Yeah, it's not a good solution but it's better than closing all the clinics for the few abortions the clinics provide versus the other services. And you can live to fight the legal war against the anti-choice folks in the courts, legislatures and elections.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and sideways to move forward. This would be one of those times. Keep all the clinics open and provide abortions where you can comply with the law. It also saves the PPA and funding for women's reproductive health services.

Just a thought to the PPA.

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