Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time for Change

It's time Senate majority leader Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate to prohibit any type of proceedural or filibuster block of any nominee for administrative or judicial positions put forth by the President. Give the nominees their due through the process and an up or down vote before the whole Senate.

Nothing less will work. It's the right of the majority and the not the right of the minority to impose a 60 vote rule for everything in the Senate. I personally would go farther than Senator Reid wants to do, such as prohibiting filibusters on closure votes and prohibiting hold on anything by any Senator unless it's put the a simple majority vote.

I'd keep filibusters for bills but require the senator stand and talk on the Senate floor to explain why they oppose this bill and reduce the number to over ride a filibuster to 55-57 votes, enough to make both side think, the minority to judge if they really want a filibuster and the majority to find the votes to over ride it.

The people see and know the Senate isn't working because the minority is controlling everything and the majority isn't doing anything to stop them from shutting down the Senate or more so making it meaningless.

I don't think Senator Reid should offer compromises until he has the necessary 60 vote over ride of a filibuster because we've seen what that does, it's waters down a bill to almost nothing or opens it all sorts of corruption as we saw with the Affordable Care Act.

It's time the Senate become the Senate again. And to Senator Reid, the people are watching and waiting. They're tired of the last 4+ years of do nothing Senate and Congress, so it's time for change for the people, not just politics and political gamesmanship.

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