Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Really Senator Reid

Senate majority leader Harry Reid "negotiated" a deal over the filibuster with the Republicans. The democrats get some cabinet and other administration nominees voted on the Senate floor and the Republicans promise not to block those nominees but not any future nominees outside of two ones replacing the old ones.

Any bets this deal lasts as far as minority leader Mitch McConnell walks out of the room to join the Republican caucaus to laugh and say, "Well, we pulled one off again with the idiot.", because that's the deal, nothing to stop the Republicans in the future from doing they stupid shit shutting down the Senate.

I'll bet in a few months the promise by McConnell is forgotten and it's back to business as usual in the Senate, nothing, except more filibuster over everything the democrats propose. The Democrats got a bag of candy and the Republicans still own the store.

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