Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boycott Olympics

I think unless the Russian government rescinds the statement they will enforce the anti-LGBT law banning statements of any type by foreigners and athletes during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sophia the International Olympic Committee IOC should officially withdraw from them or designate them as unofficial olympics if any nation decides not to send athletes and staff to the Olympics for fear of arrest or reprisals by the Russian government.

This isn't about sports now, it's about human rights and clearly the Russian government hates people, not just their own but anyone from anywhere else. It's not about just LGBT rights, it's about the freedom of speech and human expression. And the Russian government does not have the right to discriminate and retaliate against people during an international sports event.

I also think if this doesn't happen, the United States and every nation participating at the olympics should wear rainbow ribbons on their clothes and sportswear during the whole period of the olympics, including any event, in quiet protest and test of the Russian government over their hatred of people.

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