Saturday, August 24, 2013


NBC's Sports Channel (NBCSC) sucks. When they bought the rights to air Formula One they promised more live coverage of the races from practice through the race. But then they announced the package to air Barclay's Premier Football league games, and Formula One now is playing second fiddle.

I woke up to watch the live qualifying for the Spa-Francochamps race today (5/24/13) at 5 am PDT and what do I see, European football. Not the live qualifying for the race as they promised. I like football but there will be far more football matches than Formula One race events.

At least they promise to air, according the the TV schedule, the actual race live starting with the pre-race show at 4:30 am. I will be up and expect them to live up to their promise, but from now on I'm not holding my breath about them and their promises.

I can see live listing of lap times for the practice and qualifying on Formula One's official channel, so what does NBCSC know about tape delay broadcasts that isn't already known that they suck? Nothing. They're as bad as ESPN and ABC was with their tape delay broadcasts of qualifying and races.

I hate networks who pull this kind of shit on viewers, promise more then forget the promise to deliver less. It sucks and they now suck, in the first season of broadcasts too. And what worse is the qualifying would be cool to watch live as it was raining and turned it in to an exciting event, one of the best qualifying this season, better than football.

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