Thursday, August 29, 2013

Century Link

Why in the world does Century Link decide to bring down their Internet connection for users on a weekday at 4:45 pm? I was in the middle of downloading an e-book which buyers have limited downloads in case of problems and which downloads take nearly an hour to finish.

And about 2/3rds into the download Century Link drops the connection, and when it comes back the download starts from the beginning, the nearly hour download all over again, along with all the other work that requires an Internet connection.

Century Link provides good service most of the time, but when they do down, it's almost always at the times users need it the most, from mid-morning to early evening, like how can they inconvenience users the most.

Yeah, it's a vent or rant, but sometimes it's warranted against things like this, to let a download work and come to find it quit because your Internet connection isn't working. And through all of these times Century Link has never credited users' account for the inconvenience.

Like we pay for this? And what's worse, try to find information about downtimes on their Website. Wait, you can't if it's on the Internet you can't use to check them.

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