Saturday, August 31, 2013

No Mr President

We're not buying your war Mr. President. We know a "narrow, limited attack", in your words, would not amount to much more than a slap to President Assad of Syria. He would not care what we do in response to his atttack on the people of Syria, and he'll keep on killing them.

As noted in the news stories, you are asking us to rely on the CIA and other "spy" agencies "proof" the attack was committed by the Syrian military but can't determine if President Assad knew about it and maybe even approved it.

The UN inspectors are only there to determine what chemical was used, if they can, not who used them. So selling us the culprit now reminds us President Bush selling us Saddham Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, sold by the same agencies who lied then.

And even though it's clear chemical weapons were used in Syria, you're still trying to convince us a retaliation is fair and just despite only France being the only ally willing to agree, but not help, with your war.

That's what's not going to work. We've been there before and there is no narrow and limited war in Syria in the midst of a two year civil war. We know your attack would only have a short-term impact on Syria and those in power, and you'll be back again for another attack.

And then what? You promised us no wars of our own choosing, and this is one of those wars of choice. You surround yourself with senior military officials as your advisors and then say you're getting a balanced range of options.

No, not when you only ask the military and your senior military advisors. You're being swayed into an attack that has no guarrantees of success and no promises of avoiding collateral damage, and that's the issue and real question, what if any of those missiles miss their intended targets or hit innocent civilians?

Where will that put this country in the eyes of the world? Right now the best decision is the old adage, "Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor." It's time to wait and see, and only attack when the concensus asks you than you ask them.

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