Monday, September 2, 2013

New Domes shoes

I wrote about the pair of Dome 5-10 shoes I used for walking, putting over 600 miles on them and they're still good but the sole is too thin to for my feet, and I bought new pair of the low and high shoes for the coming fall and winter, to switch off on days or from the weather.

Well I spent August going through a used pair of 5-10 Camp 4 shoes and this week started using the new Dome shoes after a half dozen short walks on errands and such to break them in.

What I noticed about the new Dome shoes doesn't make me happy, especially my feet and toes. The new pair (same size) have a shorter and narrow toe box which is slightly less rounded. This squeezes the toes a bit too much where I have remember to keep the laces across the toes loose.

But the lacing space is wider so the sides of the shoes are shorter. This means more of the shoe's tongue and laces are over the foot than the sides. I don't really like either of these changes. The walks this week were ok with them as they'll still take a few more walks to fully break in.

That said I'm going to watch the fit and wear through the fall to see if I buy new ones next year. I sent the company an e-mail I don't like the redesign but hope that view changes as they wear. For now I'm hesitant to recommend new ones if you need a wider or longer toe box.

I also like the Camp 4 shoes, but they took longer to break in and had not foot or toe problems once I found the right tightness with the laces. The downside of these are they don't wear as well as I went through the toes in just over a month.

I still have another pair of older 5-10 shoes, Mountain Master, but a few walks hurt my feet, along with wearing faster and the toe guard and stitching coming loose. All of these are better than any running or walking shoes, especially for the price.

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