Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's Understand

Let's understand, Mr. President and especially Congress who will vote to authorize the President to order air strikes against Syria, one thing. Getting authorization to target missiles on Syrian President Assad's chemical weapons inventory, both the weapons depots and means to deploy the weapons, is not the same as air warning and air defense positions.

We know, as has been said even by the President, that missiles would target Syria military infrastructure  with the use of chemical weapons, which to him and the US military includes air warning (radar) and air defense (ground to air missiles) systems.

No, they're entirely different parts of the military designed for different purposes and goals, they are not the places chemical weapons are stored or the places where missiles or rockets with chemical weapons are deployed and fired.

But it is always the first goal in any war against an enemy is to attack and damage, if not destroy, their air warning and air defense systems. We saw this with the two wars against Iraq and in the plans for any war with Iran against the nuclear weapons facilities.

And it is always the goal when you plan to attack another nation, and all those promises of not putting military forces on the ground is bogus when you declare this is the first set of targets, to protect the additional missiles and any military operations in that country.

And we know the ships in the eastern Mediterrean Sea have Marines ready to go into Syria on any special operations necessary to carry out the missions authorized by the President. They would want to know their flight path will be clear of any potential enemy response.

So let's understand when the President asks for authorization against Syria under the guise of the chemical weapons, it's a ruse of the real possibilitiy of US involvement in Syria. We've heard this story from Presidents, Secretaries of State, Defense Secretaries and military commanders, as we're hearing it now.

Same story, different country, but the same goal, war. We've had enough Mr. President, find another way.

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