Saturday, September 21, 2013


NBC Sports Network (Channel) does it again with Formula One, empty promises. I went to watch the live qualifying for the Singapore race this morning (6 am PDT) and sure enough it's European football, but not just for later in the morning to air the qualifying then, but all fucking day!

They don't air the qualifying until 10 pm tonight. Right now I'm getting the live stream information from Formula One's official Website, and pissed off is an understatement about these networks and their promises to race fans.

But then why am I not surprised they have to repay the money they paid to air Barclay Premier League Football, "Every game", like it matters fans miss one game in the whole season for the world's most watched sport, Formula One?

Give me a fucking break. NBC Sports promised no event would be missed with live broadcasts and now they've decided to renige. At least ESPN Speed Channel did a better job of the live broadcasts with only those race delayed to be on ABC.

But we don't even get the qualifying on any other channel except of course if you want to ante up with your cable provider. Yeah, it's about the money. Always about the money. And NBC Sports is just another corporation which sucks.

I'd say "who sucks" but I don't recognize corporations as people. There the Supreme court sucked the American people, but that's a different issue, just related to corporations.

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