Saturday, September 14, 2013

Say Goodnight

Say Goodnight Mariners. With 15 games to go in the 2013 season, the Mariners lost to the St. Louis Cardinals after being swept by the Houston Astros for the second time this season, one of the most inept teams in baseball.

They are now 16 games under .500 and with 15 games to go it's just  matter of how many more games they'll lose because they're playing for next season with the expanded roster. They'll likely be at least 20 games under .500 when the season is over.

This is already worse than last year when they finished 12 games under .500 but better than the two previous season which were more than 30 games under each season.

And this is all on the shoulder of the president and GM of the team who will have 4 consecutive losing season to explain just how good they are at putting a winning team on the field. In short, they suck at it.

And over the winter we'll hear the talk about prospects and off-season trades and acquistions to go into spring training with most the same time and the over-the-hill players good players who think Seattle is a good place to play for a few years for a lot of money, essentially free money because if Seattle didn't take them, they'd retire.

And so it goes, another season lost before it ends. When will this end?

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