Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Questions not Answered

What the President, Secretary of State Kerry and Defense Secretary have not answered are three questions.

First, what exactly do you mean by the threat to our national security?

Second, what does the US gain from any attack against the Syrian military?

Third, what are the realistic possible consequences with respect to other nations?

All I've heard is a lot of chest pounding we heard from the neocons in the lead in into war in Iraq. All Ive heard is the same rhetoric about escalting threats if we don't do anything. All I've heard is the drumbeat of the people in the same job in the administration.

All I've heard is the President's red-line and ensuring "our", meaning the President's, word to the world about taking on threats. All I've heard is about ego and arrogance to say we know the truth and have the proof. All I've heard is "trust us" about the evidence and why we should act.

I haven't heard are the what-if's about nothing changes with the Assad government and military, about what happens to the Middle East, and about what happens with the allies of Syria and the other nations supporting the opposition.

I haven't heard anything more than political cow pasture material. I would rather wait until there is clear and obvious use of chemical weapons by the Syria government against the Syrian people, enough that China and Russia can't deny and the UN can act.

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