Saturday, August 17, 2013

FY Fox Sports 1

Update.--Apparently they're not getting rid of some autoracing, just yet, as they know it's their Speed Channel viewer audience, and our money, that counts, not doing good for viewers, just not being stupid with us.

Original Post.--I've been a regular viewer of Speed Channel, mostly because it carried Formula One and other US and world sports cars events, including ALMS, Grand Am and WEC races, but this morning Speed Channel went dark being replaced with Fox Sport 1 or some such crap channel of the Rupper Murdoch media empire.

Well, Formula One is now on NBC Sports which is doing a good job, but I'll have to look elsewhere for the other races, and it won't be on any Fox Sport cable channel if I have to pay more for it, because that's what it's all about to people here, money.

All Fox Sports wants to do is milk viewers for more money for the cable network and themselves. They won't do it from me now, except for one event I love since being there in my youth, the 24-hour LeMans endurance race. The World Endurance Cup I'd pay to watch, and yes, on Fox if they're the only channel, but not if I have to pay for more than that.

So to ya'll at Fox Sports, FY!

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