Monday, January 13, 2014

Mac Audio and Browsers

Update II.-- Well BitPerfect has its own issues with OS-X, not that it doesn't work but that after using it a few times it uses 500 MBytes of active memory to work. That's not critical if you have lots of memory, but it's a lot for a little application, apparently the cost of hogging the Mac's audio output.

Update.-- Well, this isn't a fix for Safari but for OS-X. I discovered there are applications or plug-ins which have what is called "hog mode" for the audio output, meaning the application or plug-in takes control of the audio output so only one is or will play, silencing all other audio outputs, such as Mail, Growl, Safari, etc.

I found two so far which do this. One is a plug-in with Fidelia for their music application. I have Fidelia which I like minus the startup issue (something they haven't really fixed for OS-X 10.9), but it only works for their application and costs $50.

The other is BitPerfect which is a standalone application which controls iTunes audio output.  You have to use iTunes and BitPerfect together which is ok, and then Bit Perfect controls the audio on the Mac, from the iTunes volume to the Mac's volume with its own volume control.

So far I've only used it a few times and like it, especially since it silences interruptions in the music from other applications and it silences Websites with ads or music. You don't hear them if you're playing iTunes through BitPerfect.

I would still like Safari to have the option to silence the audio, but until that happens, which I'm not holding my breath with Apple anymore on doing good things for users, I'll use BitPerfect. It's available on the Apple App store for $10.

Original Post.-- I wish there was an option, user preference or plug-in to turn the audio off with Safari brower. I really get tired of going to a Website playing an ad, music or some audio file when I'm listening to iTunes or another music player and have to search for the audio off on the page, which sometimes is hidden or even invisible so you have to quit the page.

Please Apple give users the option to turn the audio signal off when using Safari. It's not rocket science since it's a separate stream in the data, just allow the user to stop it playing when on the Web page.

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