Thursday, January 2, 2014

NY Times New Reader

Update.--After sending feedback I got a response from the NY Times which was the normal thank for your feedback. I'll give them credit for being nice when I was, and still am, angry about the change. While the new design is clean, simple, and easy to navigate and read, it's still not a newspaper but a news Website application.

The reader have the open to see the print version format but you can't read it and you still can't print an individual article through the app or with Safari's Reader tool. What they don't seem to understand is that some people want the look and format of a newspaper, which the Times Reader replicated fairly well.

Otherwise it's just a news Website which the new NY Times app is, just a simplified version of the daily newspaper without the extras the NY Times Reader has/had, like latest news, videos, etc., which I guess now you get from the NY Times Website itself. I hope this app improves, but if not, it's my choice to buy it or not.

Original Post.--I subscribed to the New York Times Reader, which is based on Adobe Air, and recently they sent me an e-mail this service is being discontinued January 6th (2014) when all subscriptions will be transferred to the "new" NY Times Web-based version.

Well, for one I like the Reader. Abode Air is a good base for a number of app I have and I like the idea you downloaded the entire daily paper to read it off-line. I liked the format and the design, but I also realize, it's not what sells newspapers.

So, after trying my subscription to the Web-based NY Times reader, I have to say it's not better, and in fact is worse. The old Reader had a week of papers in your local folder to go back to and read previous articles. It had additional features, like videos, updated news, etc.

And above all, it had an ease to use print option, for each article. The new Reader doesn't have a single article print option and Safari Reader tool can't see the individual article in the whole set of pages on the one Web page you have, so it includes the left column navigation.

After some testing to print a single article you have to e-mail the URL to yourself, open the URL for the Web page of the article with the surrounding ads, etc.,  in a browser and then Safari Reader tool see the article separate from the rest to print it.

When many Website have a "Print this page" link for the content-only of the Web page without the surrounding Web page stuff. Not to have it for the reader (try hit print key to test it for yourself and see the number of pages it will print just for the one article) is really stupid.

What happened to your testers who are supposed to think like customers and readers? In short, I hope the staff at the New York Times improves this reader because for now they made a good service worse and I may cancel my subscription if it doesn't improve.

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