Friday, January 10, 2014

Really Sucks

Since updating OS-X 10.9 Mavericks to 10.9.1 I still haven't seen that Apple fixed known problems, and I wonder if they're more worried about fixing bells and whistles than fixing the underlying user problems.

I won't argue that some of the changes are good, like putting each tab in Safari in its own daemon so when you close it, the memory goes away, or actually into inactive file cache, but this change doesn't require you to close Safari and use the purge command to clear old memory.

They also changed the Activity Monitor application. First they dropped looking at more then the main HD. It's written for laptops with one HD and not Mac Pro's or iMacs where you can't see other HD's. This is stupid.

They changed the memory management to move and keep application memory in active memory when you close an application. They moved inactive memory to file cache which the purge command (administrator password required) clears but it won't clear inactive application memory.

There is good reason for this if you close and open applications but sucks if you only open any one infrequently and want to clear the memory from the active memory. I'd love to have a command to do this, simple remove inactive application memory. They had it with 10.8 so what's the problem Apple?

They also created a problem between Safari and the Magic (wireless) mouse where you'll be working with any number of tabs open and Safari doesn't recognize your mouse except for clicking. All scrolling functions are gone.

You have to close the tabs and Safari and reopen it so it works again. This is a problem with Mail too but it's easier to close Mail and reopen it to continue your work, but with Safari, it's not just frustrating or irritating, but really sucks.

They didn't fix this with 10.9.1 and I'm not holding my breath it will be fixed with 10.9.2. And there are other issues they created, some of which they now blame third-party developers who didn't adapt their applications to 10.9.x.

One of this is the menu bar application with the drop down menu. OS-X Mavericks will "deny hid control" which locks the drop down menu open and locks the application windows you have open at the time. Sometimes I have to quit or hide the open windows to clear the issue.

Here I wonder if the problem is Apple setting too restrictive use of the menu bar applications or the third party developers adapting their applications to Mavericks, but when the problem is consistent across multiple applications, then I wonder if Apple did this to restrict drop down menus.

But some of they do work which means the applications can make dropdown menus work with Mavericks. This, however, goes to the real problem with menu bar applications icons, which I've ranted about before, and found an application to fix this if Apple doesn't with 10.9.2.

I say this because I run 15-20 applications on the menu bar, and not being able to control the location of the icon on the menu bar (currently it's random everytime with every application) really sucks. You have to keep searching where it opened and not where you expect it, something which has worked before with OS-X 10.5-10.8.

Ok, enough said, or not. I still wish Apple will fix iTunes 11 so it loads and keeps all the album artwork in active memory. This was the situation with iTunes 10 they dropped for some reason but there's no reason they can't make it a user preference or setting.

Lastly, I would like to see is Apple announce what they're actually working on to fix with 10.9.2 than announcing new bells and whistles or fixes the new ones they broke. Fix the underlying user functions and tools.

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