Saturday, January 4, 2014


The pro-life folks won't allow a woman under 18 to adopt a baby because they say she is too young and not mature enough to be a mother and raise a baby, Yet they're willing to deny her contraceptives, and should she become pregnant by accident, rape, incest, etc., deny her an abortion and force her to carry the baby to term and become a mother.

Do they really think it works like that? That a woman of any age giving birth automatically makes her old and mature enough to be a good mother, or once she gives birth they don't really care about her, her skills as a mother or the baby because their whole fight is about pregnancy and not babies or mothers? They think we don't see the contradiction and hypocrisy in their beliefs because they're blind to it and think we're equally blind. No, pro-life folks, we're not that blind or stupid.

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