Saturday, January 4, 2014

iPhone Music Album Artwork

It would really be nice if the music app in IOS didn't keep losing the album artwork in the artists' list. Everytime I changed the music in the library (I have 1,200 albums in the library and working to add another 600-700) on the iPhone 4, the music app loses the artwork for one artist.

The artwork is there because it shows the artwork when you go to the artist's list of albums, it's just missing from the artists' list. What's worse is that there is no easy fix for this, you have to either erase and reload the entire music library, and if that doesn't work, erase and reload all the content and settings.

And that is absolutely stupid to only give users those limited tools to fix a small problem because having spent years in data management I'll bet Apple technicians and developers have a tool to access the music library of files to fix any problem in the app.

And it doesn't matter if you remove and reload the artist's music, the underlying file is still corrupted and it won't display. In addition some of the folks on the Apple forum think it's not a problem, that I shouldn't be bothered when it loses the artwork of one artist, the "Just live with it." mentality. Yeah, right.

Anyway, it would be nice if Apple had an easier and better fix for this small problem because it's a fairly regular problem now. But then Apple's approach is like rebuiling an entire engine to replace one bad sparkplug.

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