Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Campaign Spending

Every American, all 330+ million, in this country would have to donate $2.70  or every registered voter would have to donate $5 to any political campaign to equal what two people, the Koch brothers, have set aside, $889 million, for Republican candidates for local, state and Congressional campaigns and for the Republican presidential candidate.

That's what Chief Justice John Roberts and the conservative majority decided is the free and equal right of speech in political campaigns with the Citizens United case. Yeah, two of the wealthiest people in this country can spend nearly a billion dollars, and it may equal or exceed that if necessary, as their voice, their right, and their free speech.

Welcome to the new democracy as envisioned by John Roberts and his brethren justices at the Supreme Court. It's not about an equal voice, it's about how much you want to speed expressing it, meaning money is free speech and corporations are people. 

And we wonder why we shouldn't call the Supreme Court equally corrupt for this decision. They don't see a difference between money and people, equate people and corporations, and political candidates and incumbents for sale to the highest bidders.

They missed the law on this decision and they lack the common sense to realize it and the damage they've done for future elections where voters don't decide, power and money does, and everything is bought and owned by the wealthy and corporations.

The got what they wanted, a permanent class ruling the elections, Congress and the government. We're no better than the governments we criticize for their political corruption. We only make the election and campaign process obvious.

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