Sunday, January 25, 2015


If Russia hasn't been and still is supplying the pro-russian separatists in eastern Ukraine with supplies, weapons and arms and moving experienced army commanders and troops into the area in support, the separatists would have long run out of everything and the war would have long been over.

For Russia to argue they're not involved defies the facts and reality on the ground. The Ukrainian military would have long squelched the rebellion, killed or captured all the separatists, and secured the eastern border with Russia had the Russian government not initiated and supported the separatists' war against their own government.

And now we know Russia will continue to aid and add to the separatists to keep things volatile and deplete the Ukrainian military resouces, and we know Russia wants a land route to Crimea through Ukraine. They have deep pockets and the Ukrainian military doesn't unless NATO and neighboring countries contribute to restore Ukrainian soverignity and borders from Russia.

Because that's the real question Putin is showing, how far can he push the European Union and NATO and the U.S. in support of Ukraine, because you can bet he will annex the eastern provinces of Ukraine as he has Crimea unless he is stopped by the Ukrainian government and miitary.

This is about Putin's ego, arrogance and view of Russia. That's what we must fight and we know he will run the Russian economy into the ground to keep going, until something collapses, either the rebellion or the Russian economy. 

The former is achievable with economic and military aid to Ukraine and the latter will happen on its own if Putin doesn't change. Both are achievable to save Ukraine and put Putin in trouble with his own government and people. It's time the EU, NATO and the US step up toward those goals.

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