Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Media

"You know I watch the interviews with politicians and I can't tell if they're telling the truth or they're just saying something but doesn't mean anything."

"It's not that hard to tell."


"Yeah, everything they say is fiction or lies, the difference depends on the politician."

"So why does the media keep asking questions and keep reporting what they say?"

"Because they're paid to market the politicians to the public, and voters in an election year."

"So why do they do that?"

"Because it sells to the public, and they get paid by advertisers to market politicians for the higher ratings to charge the most for ads."

"So it's about money?"

"Yeah, politicians are owned by the corporatioins and the wealthy who also advertise on the TV stations. The politicians are just the public face of the corporations."

"I can't beleive it that's bad."

"It is when almost all the laws the Republicans introduce in Congress are written by corporate attorneys and lobbyists."

"I thought lawmakers wrote the bills."

"No, they're just the people who introduce and pass them on behalf of corporations and the wealthy.
"So all politicians lie?"

"Not all, there are some exceptions, but they're very few."

"So why do we listen to them?"

"Comic relief."


"Yeah. Everyone knows Congress is broken and they like to see the politicians lie about it, trying to tell the American people they're actually working, and for the people too."

"What a freakin' lie."

"Yeah, but funny too because the politicians actually believe we believe what they're saying. It's all a joke to us and they're oblivious to it.

"So much for our democracy."

"Yeah, but it's hard to tell if it's a tragic comedy or a comic tragedy."

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