Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I watched the State of the Union Speech. Lots of great words and ideas, but to the Republicans it was the Seinfeld episode, “Yadda, yadda, yadda….” ad naseum to them. They still are the party of no and now the president is the office of no, both no as in nothing will be done outside of a lot of political noise for the 2016 presidential election. And the American people will continue to suffer an inept, incompetent Congress and a lame duck President. 

And those in Congress wonder why their approval rating is worse than a used car saleman. We can sell or trade-in a bad car, but we can't do the same with Congress until 2016, and like that's going to help? The entire political and election system is corrupt with money, lying news media and campaign ads. We elect them but they're owned by the corporations and wealthy to protect those interests, not ours. And it's both parties and the White House, so we can't expect the Democrats are that much better.

Oh wait, they don't see they're that bad. They actually think the 2014 election was a vote of the people when less than half of the registered voters voted and most the democratic voters stayed home. That election was like those in many of the corrupt governments around the world, bought and stolen. Bought by the wealthy and stolen because the voters decided not to vote, couldn't vote or whose vote was denied.

Welcome to democracy in America today. And the 2014 election was on the precurser to the 2016 election which has already started. Maybe it's time we completely reformed the election system to shorten it, exclude the money, and mandate honesty with incumbent and candidates. Yeah, wishful thinking, but I would ask why not. The system is now completely corrupted and broken. What else can go wrong and what can we do now? 

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