Friday, January 30, 2015

Yosemite 10.10.2

Update (2/3/15).-- Just a note to say the "Show in collections" option in the search results in Safari bookmarks doesn't work. It did in 10.10.1 and Safari 8.0.2.

Original post.-- Well, I updated to OS-X Yosemite 10.10.2 earlier this week and to say it was a whole day adventure resolving some of the issues and discover the small changes Apple doesn't seem to care to tell users, expecting we're discover them.

Well for one the Console window didn't work in real-time from the start. This was a problem earlier this month and reinstalling OS-X 10.10.1 solved it but I discovered a simplier solution. This after reinstalling 10.10.2 and the second time it's hung near the end, leaving the Mac sitting there with a stuck progress bar.

The solution turned out to be shut it down and restart with the command+R option, which is recovery mode where it resolves its own problem. The Console window worked from the start. The problem with it now is that "All Messages" isn't all messages, and you have to check other two links to logs.

So what's different that I noticed, or what wasn't fixed? A word of note that many of these are pet peeves, stuff they had but removed or broke.

When you update to 10.10.2, make sure you do a clean reboot after the installation to reset everything. The installation and boot eats cpu memory and rebooting resets it, but then after rebooting anytime I've learned to always run the purge command to reset the file cache.

Rebooting uses a few gigabytes of file cache, and while it's not necessary to clear it, it doesn't hurt to reset the file cache to a clean start. Also, I check it and often reset it using the purge command after major application installation or updates or anything consuming memory.

As for the issues, for one they didn't fix bluetooth to iPhone series 5/5s and the bluetooth to iPad connects faster. So it's an iPhone software issue since it worked under IOS 7.x on both devices. Somehow I think Apple is ignoring a problem with 5/5s series iPhone to focus on 6 series iPhones, because it started with IOS 8.

Well, iTunes 12.1 is worse for album artwork. It still won't load the album artwork when you open iTunes and now it won't even keep the artwork for more than a few minutes. It moves all but the portion being displayed to file cache and you have to scroll slowly to reload it.

This sucks even worse! Why can't Apple make this a user option to load and keep the album artwork in active memory and keep shuffling it back and forth between active memory and file cache. This is dumb and stupid.

Well, Safari 8.0.3 is better but still can't handle some Tumblr styles when loading and scrolling. It either halts with unloaded windows, or it stalls or stutters when scrolling. This wasn't a problem with Safari 7.  Also, Safari still doesn't autofill some Websites it used to fill in under Safari 7.

So why is Apple progressing backwards? Or is that they simply don't test their applications and leave it to user to report problems or bugs and then only think about fixing them or not? I'm getting more disappointed with Apple with every release.

They chasing bells and whistles and forgetting basics users functions, features and tools. This seems to be the direction their going since OS-X 9 Maverick, like a top of the line Cadillac which looks real good but not everything works.

In addition the spinning rainbow wheel seems a common response to many things using the Mac, along with the fact their apps sometimes just stall for a few seconds before doing anything. This is getting worse with each version of Yosemite.

That leaves the issue now that some of the applications will likely have to be updated for the changes to OS-X (yes, some apps broke or don't work right), so be sure to check the App store, application company's Website, or the application ("Check for updates") option.

Anyway, that's the story so far. 

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