Monday, May 5, 2014

Armatix iP1

The NRA wants to ban anyone who wants to buy a gun. Really. They want to ban the Armatix iP1 smart gun. The NRA wants to ban people who want to own this gun from buying one anywhere in the US. And I thought they believed in the Second Amendment right to buy and own a gun.

The NRA is a hyprocrite about gun rights. They want people to have the right to own automatic weapons, even assault weapons without restrictions to the amount of ammunition the gun can hold and fire, but they don't want people to own a gun only the owner can fire, so it's the safest gun to have where no one else can use it.

The NRA even threatened the US gun manufacturers from developing equally safe guns like the Armatix iP1. Can you imagine saving the lives of children who accidently find the gun to be unable to fire it? Can you imagine the saving the lives if your gun is stolen it can never be used to shoot another person? Can you imagine saving the lives of people who find the gun and want to kill themselves? 

Imagine saving lives with guns which won't fire when misused or not theirs.

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