Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Senate minority Mitch McConnell is the epitome of the totally ruthless politician, on both his negotiations with majority leader Harry Reid where it's shake hands on an agreement and then promptly forget it, and his campaign where he has shown there is one rule, which is that there are no rules, meaning no limits, no ethics, no morality and nothing beyond attacking or falsely characterizing an opponent, even before they are even an opponent, meaning anyone he wants to target.

He is exactly what is the worst of a politician where only one thing matter, himself, and nothing else matters to do whatever it takes to win, however ruthless and brutal he can be he will do it to annihilate anyone who he decides to destroy. This is what he has done starting in January 2009 on the day President Obama was sworn into office, meeting to layout a strategy and plan to stop anything this President and the Democrats from doing in the Senate.

And he's consistently done it in his re-election campaign, airing ads attacking and lying about anyone who might even think to run against him, more so if they're a democrat. He has just one goal, win re-election, whether or not he is popular or the people want to re-elect him, he remove anyone else in the  way, against  the wishes of the people of Kentucky.

It's time he doesn't win. We have had enough of him in the Senate to stymie the work which needs to be done to move this country forward. He is the worst impediment to progress (just after Harry Reid himself), to advance bills to help people and this country. He's a relic trying desparately to stay in power at any cost and by any means.

If he wins, you can bet we'll see another 6 years of him and his antiquated view of the world and his mean spirited method of playing politics. We don't need this type of politician and him. We've had enough already.

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