Friday, May 9, 2014

Downloading Images

I have a Canon 5D (original MK I from 2006) and for the last few years Canon has decided not to support older model cameras with their EOS Utility application to download images directly from the camera. The latest version of the app simply blinks when connected to the camera.

I have yet to understand this mentality on their part to keep updating other applications in their suite but not the EOS Utility. It's the easiest way to download images. You can download them via the Image Browser but it doesn't give you the options to name the files in any specific sequence, just the file name from the camera.

In addition all the third party applications for downloading images from cameras also excludes the 5D MK I and other models from about that time, even the earlier 1D models. You can download them from the flash card as a folder with a disk reader, but you're stuck manually renaming the files for the sequence number if you use that like I do from the first image of the camera.

What's left? Adobe Bridge from the card reader. It has a generic download tool in the application where you can set all the prefernces, folders, filename sequence, etc. and then open an application if you want, namely a separate Adobe Bridge window.

Anyway, that's the point here, just a note about downloading images. I like the 5D model, which does everything I want a camera to do except perhaps having a faster than 3 frames per second shutter. It works well with the EOS 1n (film) camera and the set of lenses.

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