Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just Asking

Why are we so worried about finding the most humane way to kill someone who commited the most inhumane act of all, who consciously killed other people?

How someone kills another person is really irrelevant since the other person is dead, so why do we care so much how we kill the person who committed the act?

Where do we draw the line between the humane and inhumane way to kill someone?

Why aren't we talking about all the innocent people who have killed by our government in recent wars and with drones?

Isn't it hypocritical of us to consider American citizen better to deserve a humane way to kill them but people in other countries don't deserve even the slightest consideration about their lives?

Or is it really not about the person with the death penalty but our conscience? Is that hypocritical to put our moral judgement above the act of murder and the person committing the murder?

Why do we want salvation from God when we sentence and put someone to death and not want salvation for all the innocent lives killed in our wars?

Why do we view the life of the person sentenced to death above all else?

The death sentence and the act of carrying it out isn't about anything else but ourselves. How self-rightous of us to think we are that good and above all people to think we're humane because of how we carry out a death sentence.

How many innocent people died in this country and the world the day the botched death sentence happened? Why are we so concerned about that one person's life for their brutal act of killing another person over all those other lives lost the same day?

We're self-rightous hypocrites if we believe one manner of death is more humane than another. There is no humane way to kill someone. That's the reality. We just want it swift to reassure our conscience. And that's the insult to the notion of humane and inhumane.

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