Thursday, May 22, 2014


Do all those Repubicans who are against abortions and are passing laws restricting access to, or worse banning, abortions think that closing down women's health clinics which provide women's reproductive healthcare including abortions will stop women from having abortions? Are they so naive or just blatantly blind to think women won't have abortions? It won't. It will only drive women to illegal abortion providers at great risk to the mother and the fetus.

The truth is they don't care about these women, any women, when faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy will think about, let alone have, an abortion. And the truth is that their view is the most unchristian view anyone could have about another human being. These Republicans don't believe in the word of Jesus to be compassionate and provide for others.

The studies have shown providing information on reproductive healthcare and contraceptives reduces the number of abortions. The Republicans are fighting their own hypocrisy and contradiction in trying to restrict access to contraceptives and abortions. The two are directly, and inversely related, something they're too blind to see or even care to know.

But my criticism is really for the Democrats for not standing up and fighting this on a national level in Congress with a bill for women's reproductive healthcare rights, such as one I suggested about a year ago. Surely all the brains in Congress can write a law on this and if you wondering the politics about it, let me say this.

When it comes to women's reproductive healthcare, it's time women had something to fight for than fight against. It's time they won the war than losing the battles. It's time. So when will women get their rights? Well, Ms. Pelosi? Mr. Reid? And all the democrats in Congress? When will all of you stand up for the women in this country?

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