Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dead Issues

The Republicans seem to be more interested in either digging up dead political issues for political purposes in this year's election or to stall anything the Democrats want to do to help people, like extend unemployment insurance, raise the minimum raise, bring new immigrations laws, repair the country's failing infastructure, create jobs, and so on down the list we all know what needs to be done.

But not to the Republicans who seem to keep wanting to resurrect Benghazi, the IRS, repeal or defund the ACA (now over 50 times), etc., anything to attack the President, targeting Democratic imcubents in this year's election, and targeting any potential 2016 presidential candidate, namely Hillary Clinton.

And what's worse is that the Tea Party loves it, as long as the Republicans don't touch their entitlements (their government subsidies) and as long as the Republicans keep attacking the President. It's not about racism to them, only because they're blind to their own blatant hypocrisy not seeing they're racists.

Yes, they are despite their words they're not because they attack the President for the things they wouldn't attack any President if he was white. The didn't attack Romney over Massachusett's universal health insurance, the model for the ACA.

I won't argue I'm a great fan of the President. He's failed on a lot of issues but he's also succeeded on more and shows the patience and judgement we need in a president in the complex world the US is one of the leaders, especially compared to any Republican who ran or wants to run for the presidency.

My point here is simple, this year's election can either keep the current state of Congress going to being the worst in history, only worse than their earlier sessions under this president, or can change the direction to go forward solving problems than playing the blame game on the past.

The Republicans are the past and the Democrats are the future. It really is that simple. I'd rather we made mistakes going forward than just sit on our hands looking at the past and getting promises about the future, empty promises disguised and political rhetoric.

We've had enough political rhetoric and there will be more with the new unlimited campaign spending by the wealthy attacking Democrats and lying about Republicans. We need change in Congress, not backward-looking change, but forward-thinking and doing change.

That's our choice on November 4th.

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