Sunday, May 25, 2014


Comcast sucks. Ok, now that I have your attention, I'll explain. Comcast has a history of poer or worse signal for the high definition channels of the local (Seattle-Tacoma) stations, channels 104-113, and today, Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend, they've screwed of the broadcast of the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix and now the Indianopolis 500 broadcast with pixalating images, balking audio and video signal and even dropped signal.

I've done everything their representatives have instructed me to do in the past, disconnect and reconnect the cable input and the HDMI cable, recycle the box (on/off) and power down and backup the box (unplug). Nothing helps. The signal just sucks. And it's not from the satellite signal as it's the same on other channels and programs.

In short, Comcast doesn't seem to want to keep a consistent, clean HD signal for the local channels. Maybe it doesn't pay the bills like their other packages they force you to buy for the few channels you want. It's about money than quality of service. Comcast still sucks. And yes, all the proper notices, the opinions are those of the writer and does not reflect Google or Comcast, just a user and customer, respectively.

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