Friday, April 6, 2007

An April Day

It was an April afternoon in Volunteer Park in Seattle. I was in Seattle for monthly errands, places only Seattle has to get stuff and just enjoy a great city. I ended up in the park for the afternoon to get some photographs, but never got around it except for two sheets with my 4x5 camera. I kept getting interrupted by people getting in the way to get snapshots of friends or relatives in front of the sculpture, asking about the camera, or waiting for me to hear something, like this poet.

Anyway, I took the ferry across from Bremerton to downtown, and after the last ride, I didn't take photos on the trip. No, I wasn't worried about the WSF employees bothering me, just dumb passengers who don't know a local photographer from a terrorist. It was a hazy day anyway, so the shots wouldn't have been all that great. And I had things to plan the day for, like driving in downtown Seattle on a weekday. Fortunately the locals are cool, it's the tourist who are the dangerous ones with their walking and driving, either reading or not reading signs.

After the errands around Seattle for the normal stuff of life, like getting software updates at the Apple Store (they have a great high speed connection for ProCare owners, just bring your CD's), Glazer's for browsing and things (what photographer doesn't keep of list of things to buy?), and my life coach I've been seeing monthly for nearly two years (can't say enough about having one for help with all matter relating to life and living), I had a few hours so spend, so I went to Volunteer Park (also the Asian Museum is free on the first Thursday of each month too).

And so I walked around looking for a good place to set for a photo of the sculpture, and when did, I went back and got the cameras. And, true to form, shortly after starting, both of these gentlemen showed up, one to talk and one to recite. After nearly 30 minutes I had to get on with my work, but the poet didn't get the hint, just the other guy. And on top of that people kept sneaking into the scene with the sculpture or sitting near it to rest, eat, sleep read or talk with friends.

Morale of the story? Don't go to a busy park on a sunny afternoon with your 4x5 camera. You won't get anything done. Photographically anyway, but you'll meet some interesting peole, educate some, and attract some unusual one. But it's ok. After all who can complain about a sunny day in the park with free admission to a museum of art? Bring a lunch and you can have a nice time, and don't forget the camera. And yes, I finally got two sheets exposed but I forgot the color transparency sheets. It's always something to remember.

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