Thursday, April 19, 2007

JMO - Iraq

Ok, we've all heard about Iraq, it's in the news every day. And we're all get tired of the rhetoric about it and the variety of "solutions" we hear from politicians, pundits, talking heads, journalist, and on and on. And we've all heard about strategies and tactics. Well, if all these people are so well knowledgeable and experienced why don't they see one thing that any scientist knows from simple knowledge.

And that is? It's the adage we keep hearing but few pay attention to. Why does everyone keep repeating the same experiment in Iraq and expect different results? Yesterday in the face of "the surge" to secure Bagdad, over 200 people died in bombings around Bagdad. Why is that? And Iraqi's continue to be killed in enormous numbers. Why is that? What's not working? So why are we continuing to "stay the course" expecting things to get better.

I continually hear President Bush and others, especially John McCain of late, saying that the only winning plan is staying to victory. What victory is that? And how long will that be? If I hear the general correctly, they're saying maybe a decade or longer. Is that the strategy, blind faith in something with no foreseeable end and keep spouting promises? At who's expense in lives, and who's expense in money?

Isn't it time we had a new strategy and some new tactics. We're expending a lot of dead and injured American lives and a really lot of dead, injured and displaced Iraqi lives. And for what? Political rhetoric? It's time we acknowledge the reality. And I'm sorry, Senator John McCain's walk surrounded by 100 troops, snipers on roof and attack helicopters, isn't grounds for good news as "it's safe there now." Did someone check the next day or week? What happened?

Where are the leaders listening to the real voices with answers, the array of choices to consider? With all the middle east experts with decades of experience and knowledge, why aren't they being included in the conversation, discussion and meetings other than the "academic" perspective. I've heard all the active and retired generals I want saying what's wrong or right, what's working or not, and they're not helping.

So, we need a new direction. I'm not the expert, just an ordinary citizen, but I know when you keeping trying the same thing, you can't keep expecting a different result. That's not rocket science. It's common sense. Something we despartely need here and now.

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