Saturday, April 21, 2007

NPR - Changes in Life

I've come to a small realization that you can express a major change in your life in an equation. You know one of the major life changes that take years and effect the of your life, from a career change to a personal task, like becoming a triathlete or something that makes your life take a right turn. And the equation?

Well, to me it's simple:

Ya = Yb + Yc


Yc = ( Rc - Wc ) / Lc


Ya = Yb + [ ( Rc - Wc ) / Lc ]


Y = You,
R = Reality,
W = Wishful thinking,
L = Life,
a = after - yourself after the change,
b = before - yourself before the change,
c = change - the nature of the change.

Translated means simply that you are yourself before plus the change to be the yourself after the change. And then the nature of the change determines if you're more or less than you were before the change. Which means the change is what you think you'll be minus the reality of what you are divided by life in the process. If all works out, the change is positive, or so we hope.

This means you have to have a good perspective of both yourself and the nature of the change to overcome reality and then deal with the problems life gives or throws at you. I put life as the divisor because it has that effect, meaning life's problems seem to be multiplied in reverse. Life keeps throwing things at you and the best you can do sometimes is multiple your energy and dedication to overcome them.

And what about wishful thinking? Well, it's:

Wc = | Gc - ( Hc - Fc ) |

meaning Wc is the absolute value of the equation,

G - Goals
H - Hope
F - Fears

This is because of the original equation where Wc has to be a positive number to subtract correctly to produce the answer if you're better or worse with the change. This happens when your fears exceed your hopes, and then exceeds your goals. We all know the positive or negative value of fear, often realistic, but all too often excerbated by our own thinking.

But the idea is that if you have a realistic perspective where your hopes and fears balance and your goals aren't too many, the wishful thinking becomes minimized to be close to being reality, in which case the potential of the change increases and you become greater by and with the change. And the new you comes through.


If you get through the change, you discover something few people experience:


y = Ya


Yn = ( Yb ) y

n = new you.

You find you've multipled yourself by you and the change to be a more powerful you, you to the power of change. Your sense of yourself is expanded beyond what you originally thought you could or would be. The power is in you and your perspective about what you plan to do.

It's simply up to and within you.

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