Wednesday, April 18, 2007

JMO - People and dogs

Ok, the title is appropriate but it's really things I dislike a lot, and even hate at times. And these are?

How about yappy little dogs when the owners thinks it's cute to hear them bark continuously?

How about people who bring dogs into stores?

How about people who don't pick up after their dog in areas with signs and people?

How about people who let their dog ride in the back of pickup trucks unteethered?

How about people who take their dogs everywhere but keep them in the car with the window rolled down just enough for their head to stick out to bark at everyone?

How about people who take really big dogs in small cars, and then keep them in the car when they're shopping?

How about people who take dogs on trails where there are "No dogs in trails", and give the excuse their dog is safe?

How about people walk their dog and take up the whole sidewalk doing so that you have to stop, stand aside and wait?

How about people who buy clothes for their dog?

How about people who, when entering a park, unleash their dog, and it just runs over everything?

How about people who think their dog approaching people is "cute"?

How about people who lose track of their dog and walk around yelling its name at the top of their lungs?

How about people who complain about people with dogs? Ok, a rhetorical tongue in cheek question.

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