Sunday, April 22, 2007

NPR - Medical Hug

I'm sure you asking, "Huh?" Well, everyone should have a physician whom you trust and depend, and most of all, don't hate the visits. One who takes the time and interest in you when they're sitting across from you. One you can make an appointment, usually cheap with good insurance, for both minor problems or something medically you want to think out loud about.

I know a lot of women have a good physician and ob/gyn. It's not universal that all women have or know one but it is universal that they're always looking for one. A few men have them, and it's always luck they found them as women who want one. Men often settle for quick and easy than good or comfortable. Well, I was in the second until about two years ago when through a referral I found a great physician. And what, pray tell, is that?

For one, they have to be experienced and competent as a physician. Sounds fundamental, but when I asked one many years ago about starting a drug for hair loss, he wouldn't prescribe it until he researched it as he knew nothing about it. Well, I did some research, like you can't find and read the PDR? Anyway, a year later he said the same thing but said he would prescribe it because I insisted. He's a good physician if you have a minor problem, but after that, all he does is refer you or ignore you.

Well, the one I've found is a very experienced family physician. And she's one who when you make an appointment, you actually get her for the entire time. She may be running late, but it's something you are happy to wait for as you know she'll listen and ask questions. And she asks the coolest questions I've ever heard from a physician. Like?

Well, with every visit, she'll walk in sit down and ask, "So, how's your life going?" That's cool. If she has the time, we've spent a few minutes talking about life, because she knows and believe in the whole person and life. If your life isn't a whole experience, it will have effects on your body and/or mind. It's about wellness and wholeness. How can you argue with that?

And she deals with any problem with straight-forward reason. She'll explain every test and the results in every test. She'll discuss all the choices you have for the reasons you're there. She never assumes you don't know, because with all the medical information on the Internet, it's not hard to learn by yourself, but she'll be honest with you about the information. All you have to do is ask. That's not too hard with someone like her.

When we were discussing a drug regimen, she had me to through a number of test, and because I hadn't had a thorough physical for nearly twenty years. I wrote about this here. The whole series of test were fun and interesting, and made me appreciate being healthy. And after all it was said and done, she sat down and walked me through the results of all the tests, something the specialists didn't do. She wants you to know about your body. That's really cool.

Anyway, she's like a medical hug and is a wonderful person.

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