Monday, April 16, 2007

JMO - Dear Mr Bush

Dear Mr. Bush,

I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen about the protracted war in Iraq. I think it is time you be honest with the American people who are paying their taxes funding this war, and at about two billion dollars a week being spent in the "war on terrorism" in Iraq and Afghanistan, which includes the rebuilding and associated costs, this is really beginning to try our patience when we know the money can be better spent on education, health care, welfare, social security, paying the debt, environment protection and more. We deserve answers.

It is clear to almost every American the plan to invade and occupy Iraq didn't not have either a post-war occupation plan or a exit plan, which means it's also clear you never really intended to end the war to continue an imaginary control over the American people in the name of the threat of terrorist attacking America. It is also clear our presence in Iraq has exacerbated the terrorists in both the fundamental belief of fighting America and providing a fertile training ground for terrorist.

It is time you come clean with the American people to lay out a strategy and plan for Iraq. We now know the intelligence you used to justify the war was incomplete and inaccurate at best and imaginary and invented at worst. While you may say you didn't lie, it's clear you didn't use or tell the truth. We deserve a plan other than you deciding to leave it to your successor.

You created the mess in Iraq, and it's time we decide to force the issue over it since it's clear you don't have any other plan except stay the course in an endless war. We don't like other Republicans telling us it's a decade-plus war we're in now, with no real end in sight. And we don't like money being spent for permanent bases in Iraq while you continue to say we're not do this. We demand the truth, not your rhetoric.

So, Mr. Bush, what will it be for the rest of your term as President? More of the same rhetoric about imaginary enemies and promises with nothing to show for previous unkept ones? Or can you find it in your supposedly Christian heart to be honest with the American people? You have damaged this country's international reputation with a war for no real reason. You authorized the attack on another soverign nation, and despite what we thought of Iraq, they had nothing to do with 9/11, terrorism, WMD's, or threatening America.

Well? We're waiting.

A taxpayer and Vietnam-era Vet.

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