Sunday, April 22, 2007

NPR - People who found a life

I just wanted to add a column on young people who have found a life after working in the spotlight, mostly from acting. It amazes me we tend to give actors (including actresses) either the benefit of the doubt for being intelligent, such as Richard Burton who knew every Shakespeare play by memory, or for being almost mindless. There's often few in between in our minds, so it's interesting to find people who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in a totally different field than the arts.

Ok, who you ask have I found?

For one, Danica McKellar, featured on a NPR story about an article on a mathematical proof she co-authored.

For another Mayim Bialik, from TV, who is working on a PhD in neurobiology.

And I'll add as I run across interesting young people who buck the idea about youth and especially in careers we don't often associate with their public life. These are the people the younger generation should follow than the popular celebrity culture.

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