Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daffodil Festival

Just what the image and name implies. Tacoma holds its annual Daffidol Festival the third Saturday in April. It's really a small town festival and parade, lots of local floats, organization, and high schools. The parade in Tacoma last 2 hours, but I like to go early, about 8:00 am, and walk around photographing the staging area, people getting ready or just waiting for their time to start down the street.

While I've been to it for several years, it's only the second time I've photographed it (last year was with film - not scanned yet, and learning the area). I ended up walking up and down five times to catch all the images in the collection, stopping to chat with people, and getting coffee at the nearest Starbucks, twice in fact. It's a pretty comfortable place to photograph, people are friendly and like to talk about their float, organization or interest.

Anyway, I found three sets of photographs from the collection, one about the people in the parade before it started, one about people watching the parade and one about the staging area. It wasn't my best effort a photographing the staging area, and I apologize, but there are some gems in the collection.

And so it went, after which I walked the length of the parade route for about a mile, taking a few more shots. One of the last shots was a young lass with a group of Elizabethian dressed performers handing out flyers for the Gig Harbor Renaissance Fair in the month of August. Ah, what a way to end the day, a smile from a pretty lass. We should all be as lucky.

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