Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Catholic Church

To the politicians who think the Catholic Church is right,

This is in argument against your bitching about the new Obama administration rules requiring you to provide health insurance for reproductive healthcare, including contraception, coverage for your female employees at your universities and hospitals. The rules exempt churches and organization activities of the church. But that's not the point here, which is to ask you and all the Republicans, especially the presidential candidates who seem to unanimously support your view.

If the decision had been made by the Muslim religious leaders about their schools, clinics and hospitals to complain about this rule and try to exempt themselves from it, would we been having this discussion? Would you still call it freedom of religion? Would you still call it the right to discriminate against their female employees for reproductive health care?

Would we? Or would you demand their follow the rules of this country, the rules of this government?

We know the answer. Yes, really. You wouldn't be on their side. You wouldn't be for freedom of religion. Let's face it, you want to discriminate against women and want to let the Catholic Church get away with this discrimination. That's the truth and disguising it as freedom is disingenuous and dishonest.

We know that the vast majority of mainline Protestant, Muslim and Jewish leaders and members support this mandate. We know that the leadership and bishops (and higher) of the Catholic Church are the only ones opposing this mandate. It's about their religious dogma against women. That's not religious freedom or liberty, it's discrimination against women, plain and simple.

So let's stop pretending, posturing and pandering for votes. We're smarter than that because we know the truth and we see your lies. We see through the Catholic Church's dogma. We see clearly, it's you who don't see, let alone understand the reality of living in the 21st century.

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