Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is It Really

Is it really religious freedom if the Catholic Church complains that the rules which requires the hospitals they operate not to discriminate against women by denying them access to women's reproductive health care and birth control providers, services and prescriptions?

Is it really religious freedom or discrimination by a specific religion which prohibits birth control despite the majority of Catholic women who support the right to have access and use birth control measures? If another non-christian religion which operated clinics and hospitals advocated the same position would it be seen as the same freedom?

No one doubts the Catholic church operates a vast network of private, for-profit, hospital, albeit disguised and non-profit under the church umbrella. No one doubts the many people they serve and treat. No one doubts their heart is in the right places even if they interests are both financial and religious too.

The reality is the Catholic Church can't isolate this one argument, this one exception for themself, as a universal freedom while arguing with others who advocate against the same freedoms for clinics and hospitals operated by other religions. No other church argues for the same freedom for religion because no other church advocates the same position against women.

But what if they did? And what if they weren't christian or a religion the Catholic Church doesn't like? Who? Maybe a Muslim one? A Mormon one? A Hindu one? Would the Catholic Church speak up for them? Would the politicians?

That's the argument the Catholic Church doesn't want us to see. They want the privilege to discriminate against all women, even Catholic women and employees in their hospitals besides all women seeking services for their reproductive health. They want to twist the argument against them than against their discrimination.

That's what we must remember. It's not about a church or a religion. It's about a hospital providing a public service. And like all other hospitals, they must not discriminate on the basis of religion, their religion than that of the individual.

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