Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sorry Apple

Sorry, Apple, while I will upgrade the operating system on my Mac Pro, currently OS-X 10.7.3 (Lion), to Mountain Lion because these days you can't afford not to upgrade and update or lose applications which will only run on the latest or recent operating system, now progressing to OS-X 10.7 and eventually later, I will not use Mountain Lion beyond what I do now.

Reading all the supposedly neat features of Mountain Lion, and yes I have an iPhone and iPad which would easily work with my Mac with this upgrade, I won't use them. I don't use the new features of Lion, not even iCloud which will change when iDisk and Mobile Me disappears this June.

I haven't found the need or interest to use the new features, and I even hate some of them, such as Launch Pad and Dashboard. It's a mandatory feature of the Mac I find useless when there are better and easier third party applications to use. The truth is I only link my iPhone and iPad to my Mac when they're tethered to it for updates and downloading apps and files.

Otherwise I keep them separate and don't want any one to be link to the other. I like it that way. I use them for separate purposes and have no need or interest to link them together and with my Mac. I realize others may and do want these features, just not me.

I won't even use the gateway feature because many of my third party applications on the Mac are not available through the App Store, and I wouldn't buy them if they were as they're often to large to download through the store, and which installs them blindly instead of showing the install or downloaded dmg file for you to control.

The only thing I might even consider, which Mountain Lion requires, is an iCloud id and use. I don't have an iCloud account yet as I use my iDisk and Mobile Me account. All the features I see with the iCloud don't make my work any better, and while I will get an iCloud account because it's a necessity, I won't use it beyond just existing as an account, empty except for my name.

I don't want my music in iCloud. I don't want to share documents across my devices. I like to determine what each device has and has access to instead of carte blanche to my Mac. And I hate the games app on my iPhone and iPad, and love to get rid of it but I can't. It's dumb and useless to me as are some other nonremoveable apps.

Yeah, I'm a computer curmudgeon, a happy one who doesn't want all the features and apps Apple has on Lion and is putting into Mountain Lion, and I'll wait awhile after it's introduced and available on a thumb drive (how I upgraded to Lion), if it is available as downloading through the App Store isn't smart or good.

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