Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Simple Difference

Consider this thought. Really.

Pro-Choice is also pro-life. Pro-choice is exactly what it says, the choice belongs to the woman to the exclusion of men, the government and laws. A pro-choice person respects the right of the individual to make the best choice for them and they won't disagree or interfer with their decision.

Pro-Choice means a woman can simply choose to be a mother despite the conditions of her pregnancy or the fetus.

Pro-Life is not pro-choice. Pro-Life means exactly that, you are against any choice by or for the woman. You are against any rights and protections for a woman to choose an abortion because of the health of the woman or fetus, from incest or rape, or for any reason the woman and her physician agree it's the right choice for her.

Pro-Life means no choice except their choice. It is exclusive of other views. Pro-Choice is inclusive of all choices, even pro-life.

So which is better for women? Giving them the full range of choices or just one choice?

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