Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moral Conundrum

If the Catholic Church and the religious want to ban contraceptives of all sorts for women, then what do they think of the latest news that over half the children born to women under 30 are born outside of marriage. And children born to women under 30 comprise 59% of all children born in the US now.

Think about it. It means a third, or more if you count those born to women over 30 outside of marriage, of all children born in the US are to women outside of marriange. Yes, single, unwed women. Is that what they mean when they want to ban contraceptives or are all the women violating the Bible and "God's word" by procreating outside of marriage.

Heavens forbid, damned if they use contraceptives but damned if they get pregnant, or worse, actually want and have a baby without a husband. Women have long learned and know husbands aren't always the best situation for their life, and so not a goal in their life. Enjoy it if it happens but they're waiting for it to have children.

Kinda' funny really. The faiths and faithful want procreation only in the confines of marriage, but hard to argue in the face of the facts. The reality of our times. We're a changing society and women don't really care about the church's stance on contraceptives and even abortion. Remember 98% of Catholic women use contraceptives during their life. Oops.

It seems they can't win for losing. The argument for one position contradicts another or others who just aren't interested in faith but life, their life. Are they willing to condemn all those women? Or do they cherish life, life from conception, regardless of the status of the mother?

It seems the faiths and faithful have a choice, against contraception or for pregnancy, but they can't have both. They can't demand both. They can't expect most, let alone all, women to follow their words because they say it's righteous. Like they care? Some do but still realize faith and life often present moral contradictions.

They resolve them within their values and faith, it's those against them who don't. Women have minds and know it's their life and body. And all the faiths and faithful trying to preach to them is just the noise of a street corner preacher shouting at the passersby and lost in the wind.

They trust themselves. God believes in them. What don't others understand?

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