Monday, February 27, 2012

Website Updates

I have updated some of the lesser, but important information, Web pages for my Website, specifically those in the lower left hand corner of every Web page which presents the Websites updates and changes, the browser compatibility and colors, and the image copyrights.

Mostly the Web pages are informational, but the copyright is the notice that the images on the Website are copyrighted and can not be taken, used or altered by anyone for any purpose without permission and compensation. In addition, last fall all the Web pages on the Website were converted to be compliant to the new HTML 5 standard.

For what it's worth, the Web pages on my Website are Microsoft-free, meaning I don't use any Microsoft software, especially the operating system, and don't test on their Internet Explorer browser of any flavor. It's simply too much work to accommodate all the past versions of their browser and its display of Webpages and the many noncomplaints code they use or complaint code they interpret.

The Web pages are tested on Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox and other less commonly used browsers, and all render the pages very similar with the only variations due to the company's handling of html, javascript and Google's map code. I have noticed Firefox has issues with Google's map from some of the extentions and plug-ins users have, but it's not the problem of the code or maps.

That said, the Web pages aren't without errors and all of them are my responsibility. You can help by contacting me when you find errors or have problems with the Web pages.

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