Saturday, February 4, 2012

More of the Same

After reading the news on the Initial Public Offering (IPO) by Facebook (FB), why do I get the impression FB will become just another corporation exploiting the customers, users in their case, for profit, power and control. Wait, they're already doing the power and control thing when they keep chaning their Terms of Service (TOS) for users, taking away good features for user independence and privacy and adding defaults which needlessly and sometime dangerously exposes users and then backtrack to a user "opt out" option buried in the settings.

I have a FB page, but long ago I made the decision not to put any information there that isn't available else where and definitely put any images or files I own (copyright) and give FB the option to "borrow", their term which you agree to and allows them to use it to advertise FB. Like, yeah right, I want to share my initellectual property with FB with no return. Guess again Mr. Zuckerbert.

And if it weren't for a few friends who only use FB I wouldn't be there. I won't disagree FB is handy to advertise my Mt. Rainier NP photo guide and news on the NP, I don't need it since I don't get that many vistors from FB.

I expect Facebook will go the way of Google, Yahoo and others and become a corporation. It will take a few years but the Board of Directors and investors will make their views, and if necessary demands, known to Mr. Zuckerberg, and things will change. He will learn investors aren't users, not when money is at stake, their money. And then FB will just be another corporate social network Website, as bad and corrupt as the rest.

It will be interesting to watch, the education of a corporate CEO responding more to investors than users. Anyone want to guess when user fees will start after they redesign it for basic and advanced services. It's unlikely just advertising dollars will sustain the company and pay the bills as well as the investors who will want value and dividends for their shares.

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